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Lido Capogrosso

Classically trained guitarist Lido Capogrosso has over 30 years of experience playing live. A true student of music, Lido can play and improvise to any form and genre of music. His skills on guitar have allowed him to play at hundreds of events over the years and he loves to play a variety of tunes for music lovers at every event he performs at. 

* Classically trained on Guitar 
* Can play piano as well
* Can harmonize and do backup vocals 
* Songwriter 

Top 10 Favorite Artists & Inspirations                 

* Steely Dan                             * Eagles                                                        

* Santana                                 * Foreigner

* Chicago                                 * The Beatles

* George Benson                    * The Allman Brothers 

* Earth wind and fire               * The Doobie Brothers


Favorite Song:    "Almost Like Being In Love" 

Favorite Movie:   The Godfather 

Favorite Food:     Pasta & Shrimp

Favorite Book:    Anything sports related

Hobbies:               Lido enjoys going to concerts and jazz clubs.

5 little known facts you might like to know about Lido:

1) He has been on the radio 

2) Lido played for a former Vice President of the United states 

3) I was a big baseball card collector

4) Enjoys car shows, especially muscle cars 

5) He played Chopin's piano in Spain

Lido Sr Guitar pic.jpg

Josh Beoddy

Josh is a signed indie artist and classically trained piano player that can literally make music on the fly. His ability to create unique and beautiful melodies at a moments notice is a rare and wonderful talent that he enjoys sharing with others. Whether he is needed for simply the ceremony and cocktail hr or alongside his fellow performers on stage, Josh is able to with (and for) just about anyone. He is passionate about all facets of music, lighting and sound and loves to perform. 

Josh Beoddy pic 1.jpg
josh beoddy pic 2.jpg
* Classically trained on Piano 
* Can play on a grand piano as well as keyboards
* Songwriter 
* Sound and lighting technician 

Top 10 Favorite Artists & Inspirations                 

* The 1975                            * Anberlin                                                        

* I See Stars                         * Silent Planet 

* Under Oath                        * Silversun Pickups

* Illenium                              * The Devil Wears Prada 

* A Day To Remember         * The Ongoing Concept


Favorite Song:    "2 Me"  by SMLE 

Favorite Movie:   16 Blocks

Favorite Book:     The Lord of The Rings

Favorite Food:     Asian cuisine

Hobbies:                Skateboarding, Video games, & running sound at local venue: The Noise Box

5 little known facts you might like to know about Josh:

1) He has an identical twin brother 

2) An Army brat, by age 20 Josh had moved 13 times and lived in 3 different countries. 

3) When he was 10 he taught himself to read music because it took too long to find a teacher.

4) Josh is in a signed touring band called Forthteller

5) He would rather drive for 10 hrs than just sit as a passenger. 

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