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Our acts can perform together or alone. It’s your event. You choose! Feel free to select a singer and a Dj or perhaps a musician, combine several acts together to make up your own modern band or simply hire one of our Djs for a great party vibe. You can also hire an all encompassing artist that does it all as a one man show.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. 


Pairing a vocalist or two with one of our great DJs creates a unique dynamic allowing for even more flexibility throughout the evening. This provides a best of both worlds scenario combining the live performance and interaction of a great band along with the energy and versatility of an awesome DJ!

Each artist has their own skill set and repertoire of songs they bring to the table.

We custom tailor the performance to your wishes, we never do a cookie cutter show. 

We recognize that we are representing you with the music we play and perform at your event. This is why we make it a point to speak to you well before the event to fully understand your vision. 

Our artists are NOT subcontractors! Our talent is exclusive to our agency ensuring that we provide you peace of mind that you are receiving quality service from a reputable company. Our acts have a proven track record, are always on time, and always come prepared to give you their very best. 

We invite you to click on any of our artist tabs and get to know each of our entertainers better. Your event is special and so is the entertainer you choose!



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