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Aaron LeSage

aka     DJ 

One of the most sought after Djs in Tampa and for good reason. LeSage can play anything and everything, often mixing multiple genres together. Formerly an official Dj for the Tampa Bay Lightning, he is used to performing for thousands at a time! One must witness his music mixing skills in action to truly get a feel for what he is capable of. He has performed with and opened for many famous recording artists such as the Black Eye Peas and is a true master on the turntables! 

LeSage Logo (crop).png
* Over 20 years experience as a Dj & Turntablist 
* Music production
* Songwriter
* Excellent marketing skills   

Top 10 Favorite Artists & Inspirations                 

* Stevie Wonder                             * Anderson Paak                                                        

* Dj Jazzy Jeff                                * Kendrick Lamar

* Donny Hathaway                         * Kenny Chesney

* A Tribe Called Quest                   * Oddisee

* Bob Marley                                   * Jinx


Favorite Song:    Currently any song on the Kings Go Forth album 

Favorite Movie:   Any good Western 

Favorite Book:     Developmental reads such as Autobiography of Cameron Mitchell 

Favorite Food:     Anything home cooked

Hobbies:                Listening to all types of music, golfing, fishing, biking and cooking

5 little known facts you might like to know about Aaron:

1) He listens to almost every genre of music in a single day. From Country to soul all the way to to Drum & Bass and Gospel music and much more. Almost every day! 

2) Aaron is an entrepreneur partnering in several different companies.  

3) Growing up, he spent a lot of time around the Bee Gees. His stepfather was their sound engineer 

4) He spent 3 seasons as an official Tampa Bay Lightning DJ 

5) Aaron is the official Dj of the local Hip Hop Artist - Jinx

Justin Layman

aka DJ Casper

A true Rockstar Dj, it is fitting that Dj Casper is yet another Dj from the Tampa Bay Lightning as his mixing skills are lightning fast! A professional Dj for over 20 years now, Justin “Casper” Layman possesses a skill level high enough to have earned a spot as a finalist of the famed RedBull 3Style Dj competition. Casper is a Vinyl enthusiast with one of the largest record collections known to man and a guru of musical knowledge, it’s history, and the culture of turntablism. A “Dj’s Dj” to be sure, it is no wonder Dj Casper continues to influence other Djs to raise their game and has been rocking crowds and dance floors all over the U.S. the only way he knows how!

Dj Casper logo .png
* Master Club & Dance Dj  
* Battle Dj & Scratch aficionado 

Favorite Song:    "Before I Let Go"  by Frankie Beverly & Maze

Hobbies:               Collecting records

5 little known facts you might like to know about Justin:

1) Justin was a runner up for the world famous Red Bull Threestyle DJ Championship

2) He is one of the original founding fathers of the renowned 'Ol Dirty Sundays at Crowbar  

3) Justin has one of the largest known classic record collections in the country 

4) He loves sneaking in the occasional 80s TV theme songs during his sets 

5) He loves classic funk music bands

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