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Jonathan A  Cortez 

The J.A.C. of All Trades

Jonathan Cortez

Jonathan Cortez

Jonathan Cortez
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JAC of All Trades Promo video

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Dance All Night with The JAC of All Trades

Dance All Night with The JAC of All Trades

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Capable of singing over 1,000 songs in 3 languages by over 200 different artists and sound just like them. Jonathan A. Cortez is considered by many to be music's ambassador. He has spent nearly his entire life performing for crowds of music lovers with a unique performance and his own signature style.

The perfect balance between a live eclectic band and an exciting 5 star DJ. Jonathan can sing, DJ, MC, and dance while easily commanding a crowd of any size all on his own. Performing with Rockstar confidence that always creates a frenzy on the dance floor, Jonathan Cortez brings his A game everytime. 

As a full time national act, Jonathan frequently flies around the U.S. offering his talents to cities such as N.Y.C., Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Philadelphia and many more. He has appeared in concert with legendary acts and his clientele include a roster of both the the corporate and public elite including Porsche, Cadillac, Audi, USF, 1-800-ASK-Gary, The American Cancer Society, Gov. Charlie Crist, Senator Buchanan and Orlando’s WESH Channel 2 News team just to name a few. 


His experience makes him the perfect choice for any venue or event in need of a high caliber, truly professional entertainer with a powerhouse voice, superb showmanship, and a charm and personality all his own.  

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* Singer (able to sound just like over 200 different artists)
* Dj
* MC  (over 20 years experience as a trained speaker) 
* Dancer
* Music production 
* Lighting & Sound specialist
* Event advisor / Can assist with timeline structure 
 Top 10 Favorite Artists & Inspirations                   Favorite Song
* Michael Jackson           * The Beatles                                           A tie between "Billie Jean" and 
* Marvin Gaye                  * George Michael                                    "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"   
* Prince                            * Tears For Fears           
* Stevie Wonder              * BT                           
* Boyz II Men                   * Bruno Mars
  Fav movie:  Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
  Fav food:    Chinese    (Fav snack: PB on toast w/ Hot Chocolate) 
  Fav book:   Ready Player One - for nostalgia  / The Bible - for life lessons and spiritual well being 
  Hobbies:     Collects classic arcade and pinball machines, movie statues, Funko Pops & Garbage Pail Kids,                       loves playing basketball, and going to theme parks with the family 
 5 little known facts you might like to know about Jonathan:
 1) His first solo was in High School Choir singing Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain"
 2) He is a formidable opponent in Movie & Music Trivia, Taboo and classic arcade game Galaga  
 3) Loves dogs, not very fond of most cats and hates spiders 
 4) Jonathan has never had Chicken Pox
 5) His middle initial stands for Andrew

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