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“What makes you different than all the other Dj and Band companies?” 

Rather than follow the norm we have become trendsetters in the wedding, private event, and party industry. While we certainly do provide Dj services, we are far more than that. Our caliber of talent and our versatility is where we really shine. By combining the live performance aspect of powerhouse singers along with top notch pro Djs and musicians we have created a best of both worlds scenario providing the feel and interaction of a great band along with the energy and versatility of an awesome DJ! Fortune 500 companies and large organizations alike call us for a reason. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with unique professional acts that are Amazing, Classy and Exciting. 

“What do you charge?” 

We have a range of packages and services to meet our clients needs. Pricing depends on several factors including your choice of entertainer(s), the scale of the production, the amount of services we provide and for how long. Though we are a high end service with a strong emphasis on quality you will find that our value far exceeds the price. 


“What kind of services do you offer?” 

We offer DJ, Live Vocal, MC, Lighting and Sound services. Our packages include just about everything one needs for a successful event but we also offer other fantastic services to take your event to another level such as ambient Uplighting, custom monograms, wireless sound and even custom music production work. 

“What type of events are you accustomed to doing?” 

We do high end weddings, large corporate events, fundraisers, galas, concerts, private functions, sound for seminars and much more. 

“Do you do a lot of weddings?” 

Collectively we have done literally thousands of weddings and we enjoy the versatility that is required in order to do the many different types of weddings we are a part of. Whether it be a high end platinum wedding, a casual beach wedding, a cultural wedding and many others. They all provide us with an opportunity to be flexible with our performances and services and we enjoy the chance to step up to the challenge and prove ourselves as real wedding professionals. 

“Bands have singers too. Shouldn’t I just go with one of them?” 

Consider this. It is unlikely that you will ever find a band capable of providing faithful renditions of myriads of songs ranging from Sinatra to Rick James to Pitbull and David Guetta. Even so, if you find one they will cost a small fortune. Consider too that anytime a new song needs to be learned the entire band needs to get together to rehearse and practice....a lot. What if a key band member gets sick last minute? What if your event space doesn’t have enough room for a large band? What if the band is too loud? What if they don’t know a lot of newer music? What if they don’t have a skilled MC for your event? What if their breaks are too long? We think that is just too many “What ifs” !!! It is for these reasons and many others that Djs have become more of a viable option for weddings and events alike. Plus, our killer combination of Live singers paired with incredible Djs and musicians eliminates the “What ifs” and provides a flexible, versatile and exciting alternative. 

“Aren’t all Djs the same?” 

Not at all. Easy access to free (often illegally downloaded) music and modern technology has allowed the term “Dj” to be used far too loosely. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to call yourself a “DJ” by pushing a few buttons on a laptop or device. All of our Djs have years of experience both in the club and private event industry. You will not find glorified iPods here. Our Djs mix, manipulate and perform with music as a form of creative expression in a manner that keeps dance floors packed and crowds wanting more. They are all trained in “open format” as their style of Djing which means that they can blend multiple genres together to please crowds of multiple demographics, ages and backgrounds and know how to contour their performance to the crowd and the event. Some of our Djs have gained notoriety as true masters on the turntables and have acquired accolades from some of the most respected institutions and competitions of the Dj world such as the Scratch Academy and the Red Bull Thre3style. We are also proud to say that we employ Djs that have both opened for and performed with respected industry names and world famous recording artists. They are accustomed to playing for thousands of people at a time. Our Djs have a true love and dedication to their craft which comes through in every performance that they give. They are full time performers and it shows. 


“What kind of singers do you have and what type of music can they perform?”
Our singers are quite eclectic in their musical tastes and this is displayed in their repertoires. We have both Male and Female singers for every genre and occasion. Whether it be Top 40, Oldies and Motown, Standards and Jazz, Broadway and Opera, Funk & Disco, Soul and R&B or Rock and Country; we have you covered! Many of our singers have been performing for years and are Rockstars in their own right. Some of them can sing the songs just the way you remember them as if the artist were right there in the room. Others have a style and charm all their own when they perform. We would be happy to help select entertainers for you that would be a perfect fit for your occasion and tastes. 

“Do your performers do the same show everytime?” 

No. Doing the same performance day in and day out would result in a very stale and boring show. Our entertainers cater their performances towards the needs and tastes of their clients. This allows our performers to keep things fresh, stay challenged and remain current all while giving the client a show that is created just for them. 

“Do you provide MC services as well?” 

Absolutely. Our MCs are accustomed to large crowds and well trained in public speaking. Some of them have acting experience and come from TV and Radio backgrounds as well so you can feel confident that they will sound poised and professional when they are on the microphone.


How do your entertainers come dressed to a wedding or event? 

Our entertainers talk, act and look like professionals because they are. Our image as an entertainment brand is trendy yet classy with everything we do. So yes to the dress clothes but no to the corny vest or Hawaiian shirt. Yes to the cool hat but no to the show choir cumberbund (Eewww!!!). 

“Do you guys play cheesy games and songs?” 

Absolutely not! You will not find silly games, the chicken dance or the Macarena here. We don’t need to employ any lame gimmicks or distractions to engage a crowd because we are simply too busy packing the dance floor. The only cheese we like is on our pizza! 


“Do you take requests?” 

If you, the client okays it, sure. We really do consider requests and play them for people whenever possible because we want guests happy. The key is to be objective about requests. If someone were to request a song that could be quite effective for the crowd we would definitely want to mix that in. If however, we really have the crowd going and someone requests “a good ‘ol fashioned Polka” it’s probably not going to happen. It is our job to keep excitement at a high and floor clearing at a low. We try to use our judgement as music experts to do this while playing as many reasonable requests as possible. In the end, it is your occasion and we are there to please you. We are happy to let you set the parameters and we will be happy to play within them. 

“Do you have a place we can see your entertainers perform live?” 

Most all of our entertainers have frequent local performances available to the public. We want you to feel confident and excited about your choice of entertainment. They will, after all be representing you on the dance floor so you should get to know them and them you so that you can feel confident that you’re event is in good hands. 

“What kind of gear do you use?” 

Real professionals need reliable tools that are effective. We use only the best sound, lighting and Dj equipment. Respected brands such as Rane, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Bose, EV & QSC are more expensive than just average equipment but we spare no expense in our productions so that they will work, sound and look better than just average. We take great pride in our presentations and the use of high end equipment, regardless of it’s cost, is something we believe in providing to our clients. You deserve the best and this is what we give you. Period. 

“Do you have back up equipment?” 

Yes. While we use top shelf equipment and seldom have any issues whatsoever, we recognize that things can and do happen so we always have backup equipment with us at every event so you have peace of mind that you are covered no matter what. 


“Can you provide mics & music for my ceremony and cocktail hr?” 

Certainly. Most of our packages already include a second sound system just for this purpose. We can provide music and wireless and/or lapel mics for your ceremony and cocktail hr as needed. Our gear is top notch and better than what most venues have available for a wedding. 

“Do you have any hidden fees or charges?” 

No. Any extra charges are minimal and would always be disclosed ahead of time whenever possible. Long distance events over 1 hr away, outdoor beach events, or multiple flights of steps would be the likely candidates of an additional charge and would already be stated within the contract upon time of booking. 

“When does your service or performance time begin?” 

Once we begin to use our equipment to run sound, play music or perform is when our service begins. All the time it takes for our staff to assemble the lighting and sound production is done well before the event and is not considered as part of the performance time. 

“Can we add more time if we want to?” 

Of course! Additional service time can be added either during the time of booking or in many cases, even on the night of the event should you choose to keep going. 

“What forms of payment do you accept?” 

We accept cash, check, Credit Card, Paypal and Venmo. Checks should be written out to:

Ace In the Hole Entertainment.    Please note that credit cards do have a 4% merchant fee. 

“We’ve never planned a wedding or party before. Can you help us with this?”
Absolutely. As event professionals we understand the details involved in helping an event to flow. Whether you have questions about certain items of importance at your event or need help constructing your timeline we can help you get organized and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your special day. 


“How do your entertainers perform?” 

Some of our artists are all encompassing entertainers that can sing, DJ, & MC while others perform as a duo or trio. Our trios perform as a modern band of sorts typically consisting of a Dj, a MC/Vocalist and either a musician or second Vocalist. As a trio act, the Dj serves as the master of the mix concentrating on packing the dance floor. The MC/Vocalist sings an array of songs and makes any and all announcements while the Musician or second Vocalist performs alongside them both. Combine this with a show stopping production of lighting and sound and you have several different dynamics throughout the night that will keep guests interested and engaged. 

“Are all of your entertainers accustomed to doing weddings and if so, do they perform together often?”
Absolutely! We would never dream of recommending entertainers to someone for their wedding if they have never done one. Our artists perform together often and know how to interact with each other to make for a great show. 

“How do I book my selected entertainer(s) and services? 

We make booking all of your entertainment, sound and lighting needs a painless process directly through us! We procure the entertainer(s) of your choice, we provide the contracts and the customer service which makes the booking process as painless as possible. All of our entertainers are exclusive to our company and are trained to do things in the professional manner we are known for. They will arrive with a setup crew well ahead of the event start time and use all of our professional sound and lighting equipment to perform. 

“Do your packages come with any type of lighting? 

Most all of our packages include fantastic lighting presentations for dancing. These lights focus on the dance floor to create a party environment that engages and excites the crowd. Some of our larger packages include $30-$50,000 worth of high end equipment which contain incredible lighting fixtures that really know how to WOW! We also offer ambient lighting (aka uplighting), custom monograms, and more.  


“Do you have insurance” 

Yes. Our staff and equipment is fully covered for all of our events. While we have never had any incident of any kind, we prefer to have coverage and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. If your venue requires proof of insurance we are happy to provide the needed forms upon request. 

Have more questions? Want to know more? Go to the contact page and send us a quick email. Or better still, Give us a call on our toll free number:

(855) ACE-ENT1

(855) 223-3681

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